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Exemple contrat de franchise

Modèle type contrat de franchise

Contrat franchiseur franchisé

Spécial Contrat de Franchise : découvrez la jurisprudence : Cliquez ici pour tout connaitre sur les Contrats Franchiseur


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Franchising and commercial networks law is the specialist field of the CASTAGNON Law Firm.

The legal systems that apply to economic law and to the distribution sector are increasingly complex, and the public sphere is growing. Legal solutions in this area cannot be found and elaborated simply by using standard formulas: unsuitable and uncontrolled, these formulas are a hotbed of litigation.

 Your business requires an expert, from the set-up of your project through to finalisation. We offer customised project management in all domains of business law.


and Commercial Networks Department

Strategy and Set-up

Choice of marketing system

Modelling your concept and the means to develop it

Choice of legal status and administrative formalities

Network Development

Permanent assistance and legal auditing

Procedures and Litigation

Crisis management, procedures and litigation strategies




Strategy and Set-up

Choice of marketing system : Our firm guides you in the choice of the best strategy and the best-suited marketing target, according to your needs and your means.

Modelling your concept and the means to develop it : Your communication to partners requires templates for your documentation. We draw up these materials with you.

Terms and conditions of sale

Advertising materials

Sales documentation

Operating manuals


Web pages


Choice of legal status and administrative formalities : Assuring full legal security, our firm guides you in the choice of the most appropriate legal status and assists you at every stage: from drawing up deeds and documents to the legal formalities required with public and private bodies.

Company Articles

Business plans

Incorporation documents

Commercial leases

Financing / authorisations

Administrative formalities


Network Development

 Permanent assistance and legal auditing : On a case-by-case basis or as part of a continuous relationship, our firm can advise you, support you and secure your development in every aspect of your network and its entities.

 We put you in direct relation with the key players in development: search for partners, intra/extra network communication, press relations, recruitment, coordination.

 With the backing of our network of national and international partners, we conduct end-to-end project management.



Procedures and Litigation

Crisis management, procedures and litigation strategies : Negotiation, arbitration, out-of-court settlements of your disputes.

Thanks to our experience in the legal field, we defend your interests before all the French and European Union courts, as well as the arbitral jurisdictions.



At the crossroads between business law and special laws 

 Contracts :

Contractual and technical obligations

Commercial representation law:

Commercial agents, representatives, commissions, consignments, lease management

Special contracts relating to distribution:

Franchises, concessions, licences, affiliations, purchasing centres

Competition :

French and European competition law

Exemption regulations

Cartels, abuse of power

Restrictive practice, discriminatory practice

Unfair competition, free riding, counterfeiting

Enterprises :

Social agreements:

Company Articles, partner agreements

Company set-up and company life

Transfer of businesses

Intellectual and industrial property :

Brand names, patents, designs and models

Copyrights, intellectual property

Domain names

Business criminal law :

Defence of directors faced with the criminal consequences of management

Infringements of company legislation

Infringements of competition and consumption regulations

Consumption / advertising :

Consumer law

Advertising law



and Commercial Networks Department


  business law and special laws



















Approve the concept !


Design the materials !

Set up the company !

Support your development !


your litigation

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